Where did the name “Nine More Minutes” originate?

The phrase “nine more minutes” was part of a song I wrote in 2002 entitled “Oversleep”. It is the normal amount of time an alarm clock waits after you hit snooze until it goes off again. It reflects my preference to work late night hours, as late as needed to get the job finished, and my ability to sleep through any alarm clock, hitting snooze for hours on end.

I’d like to schedule a meeting at 8:00am.  Would that be possible?

Not likely.  We don’t do early mornings. 10:00am would be much better. You can expect us to be available from 9:00am to 9:00pm to communicate about current and potential projects.

When I ask you when the software will be finished, will you always respond with “nine more minutes”?

Possibly. Estimating the time and effort required to complete a software project is always a challenge, as each new project includes its own share of difficulties and unexpected delays. Our experience has helped us to become much better at our estimates, including buffers needed compensate for unforeseen events, but we don’t always get it right. We simply aim to communicate our progress along the way, so that you’re not hit with any surprises in the end.

Where was the photo at the top of this site taken?

The photo was taken on the southern coast of Victoria, Australia, along the Great Ocean Road. It is the only pier in the town of Lorne. I took it in April 2006 while on a two-week business trip to Melbourne.

Since I’d taken this photo, it appears that this pier has been replaced with a newer one: Lorne, Victoria, Australia.